Jackson County Traffic Safety Unit Assisted LSPD

On 03-18-21, members of the Jackson County Traffic Safety Unit assisted LSPD with a motor vehicle crash on US-50 near Blackwell Road. During the course of the incident, Deputies helped make sure the occupants of both vehicles were not injured. While speaking with the occupants of one of the vehicles, it was discovered that there were five children, all in child safety seats in the vehicle. All the children and their parents were secured in patrol vehicles in order to keep them warm and dry. It was discover by one of the Deputies that the family had fell on tough times as many of us have in the last year and was concerned with the cost of five new child safety seats. The family has to travel out of state for a family funeral and was concerned with getting the child safety seats as well. Deputies arranged with the Jackson County Deputies Association FOP Lodge 50 Chapter 3 for the purchase for all five child safety seats. The safety seats were delivered to the family by members of the Traffic Safety Unit at a local hospital where the children were being checked over. 

Please remember if you are involved in a motor vehicle crash, the child safety seat in your vehicle are no longer reliable and safe for your child to travel in.

Duty to Intervene Policy

Recently the Sheriff’s Office has instituted a policy called “Duty to Intervene” which requires all sworn members of the Sheriff’s Office to actively intervene if a deputy sees another officer using abusive or demeaning language, excessive force, or to prevent any of those from taking place by realizing that the other deputy / officer is beginning to lose his / her composure. Some have voiced concerns over such policy being enacted, but this is a policy necessary for accountability in our profession. Without diving too deep into the why, we can all understand that if one of, or all three of, the officers standing watch while George Floyd died in custody would have exercised their duty to intervene, at minimum that action would have provided some comfort and necessary care to Floyd. More to that point, some intervention and care would probably have prevented the mass rioting which took place as a result of the lack of action taken by the Minneapolis Police. While it is true that independent autopsies both concluded that Mr. Floyd’s death was not due to any force applied by the arresting officers, and not the singular cause of Mr. Floyd’s death, the lack of action was definitely an exacerbating factor. We as law enforcememt have a duty to protect life, this appears to have been forgotten in Mr. Floyd’s case, as not a single officer felt it necessary to intervene when Mr. Floyd was pleading for help, even calling out for his mother. We at the Jackson County Deputies Association, Chapter 3 are in full support of this common sense step towards improving the accountability of our own. This policy truly holds us responsible to the creed “our brothers keeper”, empowering all members to play an active role in not only preventing actions that have disastrous career outcomes, but recognizing misconduct and providing the commensurate authority to stop it immediately if observed.