On 03-18-21, members of the Jackson County Traffic Safety Unit assisted LSPD with a motor vehicle crash on US-50 near Blackwell Road. During the course of the incident, Deputies helped make sure the occupants of both vehicles were not injured. While speaking with the occupants of one of the vehicles, it was discovered that there were five children, all in child safety seats in the vehicle. All the children and their parents were secured in patrol vehicles in order to keep them warm and dry. It was discover by one of the Deputies that the family had fell on tough times as many of us have in the last year and was concerned with the cost of five new child safety seats. The family has to travel out of state for a family funeral and was concerned with getting the child safety seats as well. Deputies arranged with the Jackson County Deputies Association FOP Lodge 50 Chapter 3 for the purchase for all five child safety seats. The safety seats were delivered to the family by members of the Traffic Safety Unit at a local hospital where the children were being checked over. 

Please remember if you are involved in a motor vehicle crash, the child safety seat in your vehicle are no longer reliable and safe for your child to travel in.

Response to Sheriff Forté’s Recent Transfers and Social Media Post

On November 3rd, 2020, Deputies participated in their annual shift bid as allowed in their MOU they have with Jackson County and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The bid was done in accordance with the MOU which had been agreed upon by all parties involved at the beginning of the contract period.

Deputies made arrangements for child care and other family matters in preparation to the positions they bid.

Over one month later, on December 7th, 2020, Sheriff Forté put out a transfer list that was in direct violation of the MOU and forced certain Deputies to positions they did not bid. This same order disbanded the Professional Standards Unit (Internal Affairs) as well as the Special Operations Response Team. Furthermore, Sheriff Forté moved Deputies into positions such as the Investigations Unit, that require an application processes so that all Deputies who qualify for the positions get a chance to apply. This too is in direct violation of the MOU.

Sheriff Forté continually advises that he has “management rights” under Article 3 of the MOU. While the MOU does afford certain management rights to Sheriff Forté, the agreement also states under Article 3 that management rights are “Subject to all other terms of this agreement”.

On December 8th, 2020, Sheriff Forté made a post on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page that claims yet again that there are racist within law enforcement and they are protected by “peers, collective bargaining groups and racist leaders.” Since Sheriff Forté’s tenure as the Jackson County Sheriff, not one employee has been fired for racism let alone racial profiling. This statement is an outright attack on the Jackson County Deputies Association which is a collective bargaining group and being made without any evidence to support his allegations.

These statements were made by Sheriff Forté as a play against anyone who opposed or filed grievance against these transfers which are a blatant breach of the MOU.

We are absolutely appalled and disappointed in Sheriff Forte’s erroneous allegations as well as the blatant disregard for an agreement that the Jackson County Deputies Association has with Jackson County and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.


The Jackson County Deputies Association Executive Board

Welcome to the website of the West Central Missouri Regional Lodge #50, Chapter 3, Fraternal Order of Police. Our Chapter represents deputies of the Jackson County, Missouri Sheriff. The FOP is law enforcement officers striving to improve their profession by improving working conditions, wages and benefits, and by monitoring legislation affecting law enforcement on the local, state, and national levels of government.

Chapter 3 is a small part of the large organization that is the Fraternal Order of Police. Chapter 3 on its own only represents the approximately 110 sworn deputies of the Jackson County Sheriff, but we are part of the world’s largest organization of law enforcement officers, with more than 350,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges. Our organization is listed below, and you are encouraged to visit our parent Lodges at their respective websites.

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